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Finding your press on nail size is the "trickiest" step and for the best results, a sizing kit is your best bet

With a sizing kit, you can enjoy a perfectly sized set of press on nails PLUS £5 off your next order!

How- to: 

  • Start with your natural nails (no nail polish, gel, acrylic etc.) 
  • Push your cuticles back 
  • Sample each nail tip for size- the nail should fit perfectly from side to side (across the width of your natural nail) and if you are in- between sizes, I recommend sizing up as you can file the nail down 
  • Note your size- thumb to pinky- for each hand 

 Any questions about your order, shipping etc. can be found on the "HELP!" page


  • Blank Press On Nails
  • Mini Nail File x2
  • Cuticle Pusher x2
  • Alcohol Wipe x2
  • Adhesive Tabs x24

Due to shipping restrictions, unfortunately, nail glue cannot be provided

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